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Privacy Policy

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Fees and Terms

When you register as an Artist / Client, from time to time, live101 allows creation of the profile and access to live101 Services at such charges as provided in their engagement terms contained in the Terms and Conditions for Artist and Clients prevailing at the time of registration. live101 promotes the Artist via their profiles as maintained by them on live101.in to its Client registered with it, and thereby provide work to Artist (model, actor, actress, entertainer) through live101.in, but there is no guarantee whatsoever to get any assignment. If any Client selects any Artist for performance in their respective service categories listed on the Website, live101 will contact such Artist thereabout and offer the assignment.

We will charge 20% of the remuneration received by the Artist towards the assignments which the Artists get through us as our service fee. Notwithstanding anything contained herein live101 does not guarantee you any work for that matter.

The Client(s) and Artist(s) registered with live101 are prohibited to make any direct deal amongst themselves without the prior permission of live101. In the event of any such engagement between the Artist and the Client where live101 has not been involved if found at later stage, each of the Artist and Client shall be liable to pay live101 a penalty of INR 750,000 which each party acknowledges as reasonable and justified compensation to live101 for breach of contract.

The Client(s) and Artist(s) registered with live101 are required to make themselves/herself/himself available for the services as required through live 101 and shall not refuse if called upon by live101 in any manner. Refusal to provide services will lead to termination of the present agreement/arrangement and The Client(s) and Artist(s) shall liable for payment of damages suffered by live101.

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