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5 / 5.0 | 48 Reviews
Groove Dakshina

Music Band | Goa

Groove is a 3 member Goa based band that performs retro Bollywood hits in groovy western styles, suc... ... View Profile
5 / 5.0 | 3 Reviews

Music Band | Pune

Freak-uency is a four piece band by enthusiastic and passionate youngsters gagan , vaibhav , Rish... ... View Profile
5 / 5.0 | 3 Reviews

Music Band | Mumbai

Nicks' band won the Delhi international festival band of the year winner and is currently working in... ... View Profile
5 / 5.0 | 3 Reviews
3 shots

Music Band | Bangalore

Swami a founder of 3 shots band is a super passionate and enthusiastic percussionist. 3 shots band h... ... View Profile
5 / 5.0 | 4 Reviews

Music Band | Pune

The Melody band is a formation of Prasad the lead vocalist of band along with his guitarist At fir... ... View Profile
5 / 5.0 | 3 Reviews
City Code 12 Band

Music Band | Pune

The band was found in August 2012. It was at a competition organized by a well known college in Pu... ... View Profile

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