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LIVE 101 F.A.Q

What is Live101?

Live 101 is home to thousands of live entertainers and ends your search for the best live entertainer for every occasion. We bring to you a personalised live experience  that helps you to tune out from the screens and gives you the opportunity to create a lifetime of memories. An experience of its kind, Live 101 aims to deliver and spread the enthralling blanket of live entertainment to cover each and every corner of India.

Why should I hire entertainers from Live101?

We ensure to make your celebration more than just memorable by providing you the finest artist that would fit in your occasion like a puzzle block and deliver performances as per your requirements. With our skilled personnel and advanced technology, we make sure that the right artist is assigned who syncs in well with your occasion to deliver exceptional performance at the best price.

How does the process work?

A simple 3 step process that helps you to take one step towards the world of live entertainment: Initiate an Inquiry, Explore the Options and Request a Booking

What are the advantages of booking from Live101?

Live 101 offers you the best of live entertainers in your budget and ensures you to have a stress free experience with:

Secure booking: A hassle-free and secure procedure to book your preferred artist.

Exceptional talent: We provide the best live entertainers that breathe life into your occasion and the live performance.

Last Minute Backups: We ensure that nothing intrudes on your celebration, not even last-minute cancellations.

Talent Management: To deliver you the best of experience is what we strive for and achieve it through by ensuring you get the best of the artists and momentous personalized experience. 

Why should I register with Live101?

Live 101 gives an artist the right platform to execute and enhance their talent .We aid you fetch more gigs and opportunities that would amplify your presence, revolutionize your career and help create a distinct place in the Live industry. We also provide assistance through mentors that help polish and amplify your performance for you to deliver excellence.

What are the ways to hire a live entertainer from Live101?

Live 101 offers an uncomplicated way to avail the best and preferred artists which involve you:

1.Initiating an inquiry 

2.Shortlisting the preferred live entertainers 

3.Getting in contact with our Live entertainment specialists by sending a Direct Inquiry to Book, call or message.

What Live entertainers does Live101 have?

Live 101 provides a pool of featured live entertainers with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the prevailing genres like music, comedy, Dj and more in the industry that work tirelessly to bring to you the best of live entertainment. We intend to deliver quality and spoil you with the best professionals which include Singers, Music Bands, DJs, Musicians, Comedians, MCs, KIds entertainers and more to accommodate all your requirements.

What is favorite or shortlisting entertainers?

Shortlisting allows you to narrow down your preferences of your favorite artist that aids you in making a more precise and clear decision.

What is direct inquiry?

A Direct Inquiry is the answer to all your artist related and booking queries. It holds an array of the finest live entertainers and helps you spot the artist that would suit your occasion best. On selecting the artist, enlighten us with the necessary details and keep the calm till we get back to you with our quick response. Once the artist confirms to the requirements, you can book your preferred live entertainer and leave the rest to Live 101 that aims to deliver a stress-free experience by covering everything from tracking to management.

How do I submit an inquiry?

Three Steps to One Simplified Solution:

1. Initiate an inquiry with the “Start an inquiry” button available at the top right of every page of the website.

2. Select and shortlist your preferred live entertainer from the plethora of artists which is to be followed by sending an inquiry.

3. Submit an inquiry to our Live101 Entertainment specialist on the ‘Contact us’ form or call us on 1800-2000-705.

How do I ask for help to book an entertainer?

We’re all ears when it comes to any query as we strive to cater to all your worries with our live performer specialist that you can reach on 1800 200 0705 or contact us

How do I book entertainers for ongoing events?

Live 101 has several packages at your service such as the bulk packages, genre packages and more for artists to perform regularly on an on-going basis. In addition to this, we also have personalised packages curated specifically as per your requirements. Call us on 1800-2000-705 or drop us a mail on [email protected] to avail the customized benefits.

How much time does it take to book an entertainer?

Waiting’ is something you don’t have to fret about with Live 101 as we work at an exceptional pace, especially when it comes to our users and deliver the available options within 12-24 hours.

Should I pay the full amount to book an entertainer?

A smooth and secure live experience is what Live 101 strives to deliver and hence takes 50% advance on the booking of an artist to secure the artist dates for your occasion and give you a quality and stress-free experience. The remaining amount is to be paid before the performance. 

How do I pay for my booking?

Bookings have never been this easy! Live 101 presents an integrated method of payment that eases out the worry of transactions.

How do I manage my booking?

Managing is no longer a task as Live 101untangles the problem of tracking and assigns an event coordinator once the Booking is done. The professional works closely with the team and gives you the necessary updates and ensures everything runs smoothly. In addition to this, you can also get an insight of the booking by logging into your dashboard that encompasses everything from receipt, to artist details, tracking details, etc. 

Is my payment secure with Live101?

Live 101 offers a simplified and secure process of remittance through our payment integration that makes transactions for live entertainment hassle free and easy.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Please check this link for full refund and cancellation policy

What if the entertainer does not show up for the event?

From booking to tracking, Live 101 covers all the aspects that prevails prior to the event and works meticulously to assure and confirm the presence of the live artist. However, on the occurrence of an emergency, we have a last-minute backup that are equally qualified and skilled to deliver a momentous performance.  

How do I view my receipt and booking detail?

Live 101 offers a seamless way to locate all the necessary details of your event. Once the booking is done, you can avail it through the dashboard and by clicking on the ‘event details page’ which entails all the pivotal information like the booking and receipt details.

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