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Why have a stand-up comedy show instead of just digging into your screens

By live101 - 06 Dec 2019

Why Live101

Amongst all the genres that are prevalent today, the one genre that has and continues to maintain its reign is Comedy. The light-hearted genre has given birth to a well-practiced activity of Stand-Up Comedy that makes you ROFL, literally. The concept was introduced to the people in a live format but the advances of technology today have changed the way of its consumption. The advent of technology has delivered in many benefits but has also backfired in the most gruesome ways. The screen is a digital drug that we all have been addicted to that has completely changed our way of viewing. Irrespective of the advances it may introduce, there are certain things that can be enjoyed only live and one of them is Comedy.



Here are reasons why you should’ve a stand-up comedy show instead of just digging into your screens:


1. Get to experience Raw Talent

We live in an age of cuts and filters that disparages the true essence of unfiltered talent. The screens today have intruded and taken away our joy of enjoying a stand-up comedy in its true form. A live performance by the comedians highlights the level of creativity, confidence, and imagination that the artists possess. Also the absence of filters make the comedians to perform with complete freedom that makes them deliver a natural comic performance rather than a forced one.


2. Helps to connect Better

The screens that we’re-exposed to today stifle the connection that an on-stage artist and the audience shares. A live performance allows the audience to connect and resonate better with the artist. This, in turn, helps the artist to have better comic timing and deliver a better performance which also keeps the audience better engaged. By having a stand-up comedy show, you not only enhance the engagement but help people enjoy comedy in real-time.


3. Have an experience beyond scripts

A majority of the content that we view online is scripted that disrupts the delivery and performances of the brazen artists. Although a script might be followed by all the artists that guide them through the performance but what we are exposed to are just the shredded pieces of the actual script that has been edited as per certain show standards. With live performance, you’re-exposed to the artist and his comic delivery in the true form that makes the entire experience just beyond funny.



4. Helps develop relationship

In addition to the connection with the live-artist, a live stand-up comedy show helps you to come across people that share the same interest. A common interest is something that is essential to initiate a conversation and friendship. This not only helps build a connection but may also give you important insights into the genre.


Avail the benefits mentioned above with Live 101 that offers you, varied artists, for live standard comedy which helps you surpass the filters of technology to enjoy the genre in its complete form.



For more information, visit https://live101.in/



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