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What to look for in a live band?

By live101 - 18 Oct 2019

Tips on hiring your entertainer

A live band can add tremendous enjoyment and fun to any party if chosen wisely. In addition, to live music and crowd interaction, a personal touch can be especially enjoyable.



Professionalism pays great dividends – You will greatly benefit from hiring a band that is professional, easy to work with, and willing to play the music that you and your guests will enjoy. The entire event will go more smoothly if the band provides great quality entertainment. On the website of a professional band, you should be able to find out much information about them.


Quality sound – It is wise to listen to recordings of live bands being considered. Most bands have plenty of recordings, available for your listening pleasure. The ideal band can play with excellent sound quality at whatever volumes the guests prefer.


Volume control is important – A professional Live Band should know how to play quietly as well as to “Rock the House” when desired. Some smaller bands are especially good at this. Everyone can play “loud”, but not every band is able or willing to keep the volume down if necessary. A Good professional band will.


Special songs included – The band entertainers should be able to include special songs for Christmas, Halloween, New Years’ Eve, Valentine’s Day, Weddings, or whatever the occasion may be. If the event has a Theme, make sure you discuss this with the party band leader before the event.


Sound system – The sound system used by the live band will tremendously affect the quality of sound that you’ll hear. The band and their equipment should also fit into the area you have designated for them, as well as put out a great quality of sound – at any volume level.


Pricing of a live band – The number of people in a band, their professionalism, and experience will directly affect the cost of hiring them. Checking the pricing of several bands may give you an idea of reasonable rates. If you can hire a band for “cheap”, you most likely won’t get much quality or professionalism. Most really good musicians have spent many years learning their instruments and all that is involved in performing, therefore, will charge accordingly. Many have advanced music degrees in performance.


Communication and references – You should be able to communicate easily with the band leader. Client comments or references (even asking for a few names of people to talk with) are also helpful in making your decision about booking a band.


The band should dress appropriately – The live band should dress appropriately for the occasion, whether it is formal, casual, or even a costume party.


To help you solve all the problems to book a band for any event, call Live101 specialist at 1800-2000-705 with your musical requirements and budget.



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