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Tips for planning a multicultural wedding

By live101 - 13 Dec 2019

Tips on hiring your entertainer

Chances are, you've attended or known someone that's participated in a multicultural, interfaith ceremony. With the blending on the rise, couples with different religious and cultural backgrounds face unique challenges when putting together a wedding: How incorporate the most important elements of each, make everyone happy, and still stay on budget? Here are tips to help it go more smoothly.



Educate each family to ensure they understand all the customs and expectations.


Take extra care to help your guests, too. Get on the same page, whether it's how much you want to spend or who is comfortable (or not) wearing cultural garb. Without similar expectations, couples set themselves up for disappointment throughout the planning process. For your guests, add an area on your website or wedding program with details on ceremony etiquette.


Pick a venue and vendors that will accommodate your wedding and out-of-the-box ideas.


Many venues have standard wedding packages and introducing new ideas can be problematic logistically. For example, many ballrooms won't allow the open flame needed for an Indian wedding due to fire code, and full ceremonies for some religions take longer than the typical 30-minute window.



Get inventive with the food and drinks to incorporate specific ingredients or family dishes.


Replace the traditional surf and turf with items like or enchiladas with mole and play with specialty cocktails using native ingredients. You should rather look for restaurants and caterers that embrace fusion ideas from the start and have fun brainstorming.


Use music and décor.


Add decorative elements that evoke the feel of the wedding, like art, sculptures, and furniture, or choose a venue with decorative elements that fit your culture. Hire a DJ, Singer, or Music Band that can help blend in the musical tastes of both the families and have a fun night together!


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