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Surprises for your Girlfriend

By live101 - 12 Dec 2019


For all the boyfriends out there, this list could be nothing short of a boon. We will give you some really impressive birthday surprise ideas for her that she won’t forget in years to come.


1. Cook for Her (Even If You Don’t Know How To)



YouTube is certainly going to help you in case you don’t know the c of cooking. You can either take the help of the online guides or read some recipe books in order to prepare her favorite food. The idea can start with morning breakfast. Put your wife at rest for the entire day, and treat her like a princess by cooking and serving her in a righteous manner. Follow the breakfast with lunch and then end the day full of surprises with a dinner. If you don’t want to cook for the entire day, you can choose either of the meals and try your best to impress your wife.


2. A Bed Full of Rose Petals



Women love roses, only if they aren’t allergic to them. They develop a different bond with each of the equipment in the house. The bed you share holds a really important part of both your lives. Therefore, take this opportunity to decorate your bed with rose petals. She will be absolutely delighted to see the efforts you’ve put. It might sound like one of those ideas picked directly from a television scene. However, it may have a nice effect on the receiver when pulled off in style.


3. Handwritten Letters, One for an Hour



Pour in a lot of emotions in whatever you gift, it will surely reach the receiver’s heart. Ladies love all things cuddly and romantic. Having said that, letters would have a heart-warming effect on your wife. You can hide all the letters in the various corners of the house. And leave the starting letter at the most obvious place she would visit in the morning. Apart from the emotional words, you will have to leave a hint for the next clue. Take your time while deciding the content on each of the letters. Express your love and let her know how important she is for you, she is, without a doubt, she is going to feel animated by the surprise idea you plan for her. More than how you plan it, your wit and words will be important.


4. Live Music!



Surprise her with her favorite song sung by one of our artists at whatever time and place you want him to do it for you!! All you have to do is just book with us by going to live101.in. This will be the ultimate surprise for her!



For more information, visit https://live101.in/



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