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How to plan a corporate event

By live101 - 19 Oct 2019

Celebration ideas

Planning a corporate event? One of the most challenging aspects of corporate event planning is coming up with an idea. The event theme is the driving force behind every other aspect of an event, from the invitation to the selection of entertainment and food. Before you get busy with any other part of the corporate event planning process, first pin down the goal of the event. The best corporate event ideas take that business objective — after all, corporate events have business objectives — and use it as the springboard for the event theme and the overall atmosphere of the event.



1. Have a field day


It’s a great idea to get the group moving outdoors when the weather is nice. No matter what you choose to do, sometimes team-building events can (and should) be all fun and games.

Why not take advantage of a beautiful local park or the lovely sunshine while you have the chance? It’s a well-known fact that breaking routine and getting fresh air are two easy ways to boost creativity.


2. Scavenger Hunt


This can be done around a city or in a park or reservation. It can also be conducted in a building if an outdoor venue is not an option. Break employees into groups and set up clues leading to the final destination which includes lunch or dinner.  The challenge of searching for clues will require working together to solve puzzles, leadership, and will build camaraderie.


3. Have a board game tournament


If you plan to have board game-themed bonding time, you can’t go wrong with a mix of classic and indie games. Pro tip: If you’re not sure what indie games are hot right now, check any of the Reddit board gaming discussion groups or relevant and popular GoFundMe pages for inspiration.



4. Musical Night


Music is the solution to all major issues. Having a small musical event can be relaxing. You can hire a singer to come and create a musical environment for you or you can book a hall and do that! Whatever you decide, we ate Live101 will help you out with this!


5. Try something new


Workshops don’t have to involve the typical topics. Instead, look to more unique options for educational team bonding. Although they are focused on sustainability (and plan a lot of their events around this theme) they also branch out and do activities that are kinda-sorta related, like reiki classes and beekeeping. In doing so they bring new and fresh perspectives to old issues. No matter what you choose to teach them, team-building events centered around educational workshops help employees develop new skills while strengthening their relationships.


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