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How Stand up Comedy can make your evening memorable

By Live101 - 03 Jan 2020

Celebration ideas

Comedy by definition can be defined as professional entertainment consisting of jokes and sketches intended to make the audience laugh. Aristotle defined comedy as an imitation of people worse than average. In simple terms, comedy is a series of actions that evoke laughter, for the most part. Stand up comedy is comedy on steroids, stand up comedy consists of a stand-up comedian and a live audience.



The comedian with the use of sarcasm, premises, and punchlines makes the audience laugh. His/her job is to make you laugh. That is what separates comedians, the ability to make the audience laugh. One of the earmarks of a good comedy is the ability to make people laugh. No matter what the audience believes, the job of a good comedian is to make them laugh.


With that said here are the reasons why stand up comedy can make your evening memorable:


1) Something Different:


Stand-up comedy is something out of the box. Hiring a singer or a performer is not a bad idea but a stand-up comedian is a wild card. How many people have the privilege to say that they had hired a stand-up comedian for a family or office function? Having a stand-up comedian sets a different tone for the event. It makes the event slightly special. It makes people remember the event very vividly because everyone remembers a good joke.


2) Rise of stand-up comedy:


There is a boom in the stand-up comedy scene in India. Initially, there were only a handful of good comedians (Remember the definition). But now due to the internet, resulting in exposure there is an influx in the number of stand-up comedians. We at live 101 are quite proud of our comedic roster that proudly hosts only good comedians, only the comedians who have the funny in them and can crack up are selected. Thus ensuring that the only thing the people will be doing is laughing.


3) Laughter:


If all of us get real for a burst of while laughter is the best human emotion. Also laughing is the best thing to do in the company of people who are your acquaintances, family and loved ones. Singing and Dancing does evoke emotions but does not evoke laughter. That's for the comedian to do and that's what a comedian does. I am not even going to get into the benefits of laughter if you are not laughing you should get a start right now. It’s also regarded as the best medicine ever which is certainly not disputed.


4) Different Styles:


There is a spectrum of styles in Stand-up comedy, it ranges from family-friendly, observational and a personal favorite Dark Humour. Usually, a comedian doubles down as a storyteller. The story told here is full of intricate jokes and punchlines. The comedian takes the audience on a journey. Some comedians provide social commentary with jokes. Thus, providing knowledge with entertainment. Dark humor is also something that when done right by the comedian can be the funniest thing ever. Plus who does not like a dead baby joke?


5) Comedy is Relatable:


A stand-up comedian is one of the most relatable performers. A comedian usually talks about his life incidents while performing. This may include observations that are made. People relate to what a comedian has said or observed because they too have seen or felt about things in the way the comedian is describing, causing them to laugh. You don't laugh at something that you don't relate to or agree with. If a comedian makes fun of a corporate job and the employee laughs that means he/ she agrees with the comedian, or if the comedian is making fun of the institute of marriage and a married man is laughing that means someone is going to get interrogate real soon. The comedian also in a way shares the struggles of the audience and in a way helps them to face those everyday struggles with a smile on their face.


6) Interactive:


A stand-up comedian is an interactive performer. A stand-up comedian is known to do crowd work. Crowd work can be defined as creating comedy while talking to the audience, this may be done by asking questions. In other words, making fun of the audience members. Who doesn't like to see their peers being made fun of (in good spirits that is), or even better-making fun of a family member on a special occasion (again in good spirits). A stand-up comedian is probably the only live performer that incorporates the audience in the act, it also gives the show an intimate feel. The jokes that are made can be remembered as inside jokes that only adds to the fun.When crowd work is done right it grantees one hell of an evening. That or someone is getting fired for laughing at a joke about their boss.


In Conclusion:


Stand-up comedians are a rare breed of live performers that have the uncanny ability to entertain people with laughs. In comparison to other performers even though the art is relatively new, it is surely making one of the loudest impacts. They bring something different to the sphere of entertainment. Stand-up comedians evoke one of the purest forms of human emotion, that I feel from time to time is necessary. By making fun of their insecurities they in a way help you come to terms with your own. They make fun of things that you don't like in a way validating your own belief. Their stories will make you laugh, their dark humor will make you gasp, their observational humor will make you feel like you aren't the only one, and that there is someone who understands your struggles and relates with them, there crowd work will give you more reasons to laugh at friends and family members and some cases even bosses (don't push your luck), and their presence will make your evening memorable.



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