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Easiest way to hire a stand-up comedian

By Live101 - 04 Jan 2020

Tips on hiring your entertainer

A stand-up comedian belongs to the rare breed of human live performers that entertains a live audience with jokes, think about it this person has to other talents like singing, dancing or plays an instrument just knock-knock jokes. This laughter is often achieved through tension, storytelling, sarcasm, building tension and punchlines. The comedian must use all these tools to evoke the emotion of laughter. If anything else is evoked that's not stand-up comedy. A stand-up comedian is also the only live performer that has the uncanny ability to display his comedic skill with the help of crowd work. Crowd work is when a comedian creates comedy with the audience. This may be done by asking some direct or indirect questions to the audience. In more simple words, the comedian will make fun of the audience members. Being honest who doesn't like a good little roast.



As it is seen a stand-up comedian is a sort of like a wild card. It is ordered chaos in the form of an entertainer. It is very difficult to exactly know what can be expected of a comedian, there is certainly an element of surprise. With all that said before, I reveal the highly coveted secret on how to hire this performer, let us have a walk down memory lane. Not your memory lane (Not that interesting). But down the memory lane of the stand-up comedy of India, and see how things have changed.


How things were:


The art of stand-up comedy is a relatively new concept when it comes to our country. At the very start, it has been claimed by my sources (The Internet Duh ) state that Johnny lever as one of the first stand-up comedians and I do not disagree because of its Johnny Lever (Duh). Before the YouTube boom stand-up comedy as an art form was only known to a few people. Stand-up comedy was only restricted to slapstick or using mimicry to poke fun at some public figure whenever it was performed. There was still some space for comedy in the Hindi language, but there was no voice for comedy in English. It was considered to be a novel act to be a stand-up comedian. This was so because there was only a handful of stand-up comedians and the art was quite unknown. This can be called the “Dark Times“ in a way.


How things are:


Well, thanks to the great and powerful internet and a few stand-up comedy loving entrepreneur the dark ages were a thing of the past. In 2010, Amar Agarwal founded Canvas Laugh Company in Mumbai. This place became the mecca for comedy. It acted as a laughing pad for all your favorite stand-up comedians. As a result, it started a chain reaction that resulted in a chain of other comedy clubs. These clubs served a second purpose, they hosted open mic nights. An open mic night is an open spot for anyone willing to do stand-up comedy. Thus, these clubs give a chance to seasoned comedians as well as upcoming comedians. YouTube also played a major role in stand-up comedy spreading like wildfire. YouTube ensured that the clips of stand-up comedians went viral. Ensuring millions of views, thus helping the comedian grow bigger. This, in turn, helped them sell more tickets. The wave of stand-up comedians was helped even more when Netflix and Amazon got in on the business. With comedians being offered specials resulting in them being exposed to a much wider international audience. This also made the comedians feel a bit special. What also helped were shows like Comicstaan, this put a lot of eyes on established as well as upcoming comedians.


The Secret:


Now with that history lesson out of the way let’s get to the crux of the situation. A stand-up comedian is a dynamic performer, how do you hire this dynamic performer? The goal is to get a good comedian. With the advent of YouTube, there is a lot of good stand-up, but due to the exposure, everyone thinks they are funny. Thus resulting in an awful lot of bad comedy, you know bad comedy, the unfunny comedy. The task can be very daunting, hiring a comedian that checks all the boxes of being funny, engaging and did I mention funny is tough. Here again, I will provide the solution (4th wall break), the solution is live 101 (Duh) Live 101 is the easiest way to hire a stand-up comedian. We take all the stress, guesswork, anxiety and depression out of hiring a stand-up comedian for your special event. We have, after a careful screening of stand-up comedians, only selected the best stand-up comedian that will perform their best material for the best event that you have planned ever. We have a wide range of stand-up comedians that perform a wide spectrum of the best stand-up comedy. The thing that sets us apart is that we provide you with the best live performer with your budget in mind. Thus, ensuring that the quality is not compromised. This all ensures that a good stand-up comedian is hired within your budget and the only thing you need to worry about is laughing, in a way making your special occasion slightly better. The art of stand-up comedy is very unique in its strange way. The Indian comedy scene is very infant. In comparison to other art forms, it is still new but it will get only bigger and more funnier. From observation to dark humor the future certainly looks very funny. Now you too know the secret.



For more information, visit https://live101.in/



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