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Birthday surprise ideas for Boyfriend

By live101 - 12 Dec 2019


Categorizing surprise ideas according to one’s relationships can be difficult. However, we did not find difficulty in jotting down ideas for boyfriends. We all know how joyous and enthusiastic this part of life is. Therefore, figuring out some wonderful and fancy ideas wasn’t an issue.


1. Treasure Hunt



Make him hunt the gift that he has wanted for a very long time now. It could anything from his favorite team’s jersey to a hobby that he wishes to inherit. However, make sure that reaching to the gift is a difficult journey. That is when the anticipation will build up and he would be delighted to see the main gift. If possible, record his journey to the gift on a Handycam. You will definitely get some exciting footage of your delighted boyfriend.


2. It’s Your Time to Propose



More often than not, we see boys going to an extent to propose to the girls they love. It is your time to surprise your boyfriend that will catch him off guard. You can either propose him in a diner or a place which holds special memories for both of you. Executing the plan in front of a few pals or strangers would be even more appreciated. You don’t have to go down on your knees and do typical stuff like that but you can always resort to interesting ideas. Like proposing with a choreographed song or a handwritten poem. That depends on how far you are willing to go in order to see your boyfriend happy.


3. A Naughty Uncensored Gift



Men will be men, and boys will be boys. They would love to see their girlfriends go out of their way to heat some things between you two. It can either be a good massage or a photo collage that boasts some private pictures of you both. We are sure that your boyfriend will appreciate your choice of gift.


4. Live Music Surprise



Dedicate all his favourite songs to him sung by our specialist musicians in a special place of your choice. Dance, enjoy, relax to the beautiful melodies and give him the time of his life. We, at Live101, can help you do it.! Just go to Live101.in and make your booking and leave the rest to our artists.!



For more information, visit https://live101.in/



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