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Best Ideas to celebrate your Marriage Anniversary

By live101 - 12 Dec 2019


We know that sometimes it's difficult to really celebrate an anniversary because you have a million things to do and so little time. But think about this, celebrating your anniversary really shows that your marriage is the #1 thing in both your lives. Besides, isn't it nice to take a little time to reminisce and relive that special day that changed your life forever? If some years have passed, our memories have passed with them and they may seem more colourful by our present, so the celebration of your anniversary can help you remember some detail that you had forgotten, and that detail could spark new light into your marriage. It's hard to come up with ideas and sometimes work and finances get in the way of your plans but there are some creative and romantic ideas that can help you make celebrating your wedding anniversary with your husband special. Let's take a look at some of them, maybe you'll get inspired.



1. Plan a weekend getaway


There are so many cool and beautiful places to go for a wedding anniversary and you and your husband may have a bucket list of places you want to go to. You can pick one and start making plans to go there on your next wedding anniversary, but for this one how about a weekend getaway? Is there some special place nearby that you can visit for a couple of days? Maybe a cozy B&B or a place on the beach or a couples spa? The possibilities could be endless if you really want to get away. Choose a place and pack your things, the goal here is to spend a couple of days together outside of your routine so you can reconnect and celebrate your time together.


2. Midnight picnic under the stars


It doesn't have to be at midnight but there have to be stars. Put some cheese and crackers together and a bottle of wine and leave him an invitation to join you outside for a picnic. Eating while stargazing is a very romantic and frugal way of spending your wedding anniversary. Hopefully, the skies will contribute and give you a clear night.


3. Movie and snacks at home


Thanks to "On Demand", now you can watch your favorite movie at home. So browse on Netflix or Amazon or the one you prefer and sit on the couch with your guy to watch the movie. You can compromise and watch something you both like. Prepare in advance some snacks (something besides popcorn) and get yourself ready to have a nice, quiet and romantic movie date night with your hubby.


4. A Party with your near and dear ones to celebrate the milestone


Celebrate your anniversary with a small get together with your close friends and enjoy to live music with your favourite numbers. Live music entertainment adds charm to any party and requires only a venue, guests and an artist. But, this, if done well can add charm to the party and make it memorable for years. Live101 helps host such parties with the help of our numerous artists that can help make any evening memorable. All you need to do is, visit Live101.in, Select the event, artist and make your booking. In case you are not able to select, our team can guide you through the process helping you make the right decision!



For more information, visit https://live101.in/



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