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6 Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

By live101 - 12 Dec 2019

Celebration ideas

Looking to make your next corporate event, the most memorable one yet? Booking the right entertainment is vital to take your event from good to great — and put on a show that everyone will be talking about for years to come. The best entertainment ideas for your event will integrate seamlessly with your venue, theme, and goals. And with event-goer’s expectations rising every year, the right entertainment can help you impress attendees with an unexpected experience.



Entertainment idea #1: Interactive food and drink stations



Imagine the delight attendees will feel as they discover multiple interactive food and beverage stations dotted throughout your event. From a customizable champagne cocktail bar to a live stir-fry station to even a doughnut wall, there’s plenty of creative ways to feed your attendees and wow them at the same time.


Entertainment idea #2: Social photo booths



People have enjoyed taking photo booth selfies since 1925 — and that hasn’t changed in the past 93 years. What has changed? The technology that powers them. Today’s social photo booths make it easy for people to take stills, videos, or GIFs, and share the images straight to their social media accounts.


Entertainment idea #3: Corporate comedian



A corporate comedian keeps the language clean and the topics business-related, poking fun at the many facets of working life that border on the ridiculous. Look out specifically for someone who specializes in corporate gigs, though, to make sure your comedian doesn’t cross the line into the offensive.


Entertainment idea #4: Graffiti artist



Witnessing a work of art on a large scale is pretty exciting, so if you have the space for it, consider bringing in a live graffiti artist to do a mural during your event. Attendees will be able to watch its progress and the artwork will serve as a conversation piece. If your event includes a raffle, this is a great prize to send the highest bidder home with.


Entertainment idea #5: Music band



If your corporate event is using a relaxing theme, then choosing a music band to provide entertainment is a great way to go. Your attendees will love hearing their favourite classic songs and the energy will stay high, thanks to the live act.


Entertainment idea #6: Contests



A little friendly competition can liven up your corporate event in no time. Some fun ideas include a scavenger hunt, caption contest, or even a pub-quiz-style trivia game focused on questions about the business.



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