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5 types of live music performances for your wedding day

By live101 - 06 Dec 2019


An event that signifies an underlying bond of love and a fresh start, weddings are an indelible day in the lives of two people that never escapes one’s memory walls. You would naturally want your wedding to be impeccable and unforgettable. Hence, one always goes the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of your wedding day is amazing and nothing seems out of place. Such occasions can never be left bland, some melody is always required to breathe some life into the occasion and there is nothing better than live music when you want to keep the atmosphere lightened. The most beautiful way to enjoy your wedding day is this captivating art that fills the air with an enchanting experience and sets the mood right. 



Here are 5 types of live music performances for your wedding day:


1. Jugalbandi


A fascinating musical performance that has been taking over wedding these days is Jugalbandi. The stage includes two musicians performing not in the same but different forms. The artists are usually either instrumentalists and vocalists. Experiencing it as a live performance is nothing but astounding given its potential of creating the right amount of excitement and amusement amongst the crowd.


2. Bollywood


One genre that can take the energy from nay to yay is Bollywood. However, the best twist that one can give to it is for it to be enjoyed live. Enjoying Bollywood live is a different experience in itself which can also be enjoyed by people who dread the throbbing DJ beats. From swaying to the tunes of your favorite artist to setting an instant romantic mood, all of such transitions can be achieved with ease through live performances.


3. Instrumental


As the name suggests, it involves only instruments who covers up for both vocals and lyrics. A live music performance with instruments as the only source of performance may not be preferred by many but it gives a different class and royalty to the entire environment. It makes it an event to reminiscence by making the entire wedding a picture-perfect scene with just the right background music and less noise.


4. Sufi and Ghazal


What could be a better way to start a new chapter of your life by indulging into the most engaging form of devotional music- Ghazals and Sufis. Also, the best way one can enjoy it in its true essence is to experience it live. A delight for the hearts and enlightenment for the souls, this genre makes a wedding an event that is just beyond memorable and unforgettable.


5. DJ Night


Nowadays a DJ Night is the best way to set the wedding spirits high. With a live DJ artist, there are no chances of energy going down in any way. From swaying to the tunes of latest songs to mad dancing to the classics, there is no other way one can enjoy it to the fullest but the live way.


Make your wedding an unforgettable event with Live101 that in addition to the above mentioned live music performances also offers several options to make the day more personal and memorable.



For more information, visit https://live101.in/



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