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5 Reasons to ditch the age-old tradition of entertainment and opt for live performances

By live101 - 06 Dec 2019

Why Live101

The recent times have all been about technology and its advents. The debate over its pros and cons is long overdue and never-ending. However, the extent to which technology has consumed us cannot be gauged. The effect has been such that our days start by going through our Instagram feeds and end with Facebook fee and the remaining life is covered in Snapchat stories. Netflix and Chill over the weekend hooked onto your PlayStations throughout your vacation and traditional movie screenings on family gatherings, we have become too dependent on technology for everything, be it entertainment, connectivity, leisure or even just simple recreation. On the other hand, live entertainment is more engaging, captivating, enthralling and an experience that lasts a lifetime.


Here are 7 reasons why you need to ditch the age-old tradition of entertainment and opt for live performances:


1. Shared Experiences



Live performances are a different experience altogether. The entire crowd swaying together to a particular beat and lyrics isn’t just fun but also helps you generate positive vibes and experience an enthralling connection with the crowd. Live performances provide you with shared experiences that you can cherish with your friends and family years later and feel nostalgic.


2. Disconnect From Tech



Put your screens aside, breathe for a while. After being surrounded for almost 24 hours with technology, it gets repetitive and the entertainment is appealing and enticing. Live performances are a bit more entertaining than artificial entertainment through technology as they are more engaging. We can look over the side effects of technology and screens either.


3. Supporting Artists



Art will always need patrons. If we continue promoting the age-old tradition of entertainment, true art is bound to die its slow death. Live performances also provide the best platform for growth and new artists to showcase their talent through which they catapult their career and make it big. Magicians, musicians, performers, entertainers thrive on live performances and if live performances are not promoted enough, their livelihood will cease to exist.


4. Increased Happiness



Scientifically proven, people who are actively engaged with music by attending events like musicals and concerts have a higher level of subjective well-being. Spending time with your friends and family relishing a live performance like a musical night or any other form of live entertainment helps your body and mind relax. It is a completely rejuvenating experience and releases endorphins in your body which makes you feel happy.


5. Tons of Memories



You are bound to create some amazing memories when you are a part of it. You might watch a movie and forget it but when you are a part of any live performance along with your loved ones, you are engaging with them and the performer and that leads to making memories which last a lifetime. Technology might be taking over but it’s high time we realize the importance and significance of live entertainment in our lives and patronize it.


Explore over 1400 live performers for any and every event to add extra bling of live entertainment to your special occasions with Live101.



For more information, visit https://live101.in/



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