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4 Things You Should Tell Your Wedding DJ

By live101 - 13 Dec 2019


Hiring the right DJ can indeed make or break your big day, however, remember that it takes two to tango so it's up to you to communicate your wishes in advance. Don't just play it by ear...seriously, don't! Here are seven things you should tell your wedding DJ to get the party popping and keep it going strong.



1. When to play the important songs and for how long


For starters, you'll want to fill your DJ in on what songs you've picked for the major moments (think wedding party introduction, first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dance, cake cutting if you're doing them and the last song). Timing is also critical, and not just in regards to the actual day-of timeline and what songs to play when.


2. How to pronounce your names


Definitely give your DJ a phonetic spelling of any unusual names (first and/or last) in your wedding party. While it's nice to have the correct spelling, what he needs to know is how to correctly pronounce it for the grand entrance introductions.


3. Your "do not play" list


Oftentimes, this is even more important than your playlist. Try to leave room for the DJ to take requests, but don't hesitate to list anything you hate (e.g. no line dances) as off the table. The DJ should simply tell guests requesting those particular songs that he doesn't have them available. No harm was done and no hurt feelings.


4. To MC or to not MC


Aside from introductions, let your DJ know if you're down with a lot of MC chatter and encouragement for guests. Also, tell your DJ how comfortable you and your fiancé are being the center of attention at the party. Some people thrive on it, while others cringe at the whole thing so your DJ should have the heads up as to where you lie on the spectrum.


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