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3 ways you can surprise someone on their birthday

By live101 - 09 Dec 2019


Who doesn’t love a good birthday surprise (minus people who don’t like surprises of course)? It’s nice to know your friends and/or family think about you and your special day. Some people may even fall victim to expecting a birthday surprise and never receiving one. Don’t let that happen to your friends. Now we all know the number one way to surprise a person on their birthday is with a cake at midnight. If you have already done this trick one or two times however, you need to move on. Don’t  worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do something extravagant. We have got a few birthday surprise ideas to share with you that anyone can achieve.



1. Balloons with Nostalgia Photographs


Well, we thought of starting the list with one of the most common, doable yet effective ideas. Simple as it sounds, all you need is balloons, a lot of them, and an extensive range of photographs. You can always use their social media platforms to download the images. One can even write a memory on each of the photographs to add a dash of sentimental value to it. You can pack a room with helium balloons and images tied below it. It creates a beautiful sight that will leave the person on the receiving end in amazement. This idea nicely works on most of the women regardless of the age.


2. An old School Get together


Get together can have a long-lasting impression on a person’s life. To relive the set of ideas can be a wonderful experience. However, with busy schedules and never-ending workload, it gets difficult for us to meet the whole bunch altogether. If you can plan a similar surprise birthday party with each of his old friends present in it, it could prove to be a wonderful birthday surprise. Now that you are planning a surprise for him or her, you would know which set of people he or she really misses. Call them together for a party. We are pretty sure that the person for whom you are planning the idea will be impressed with your efforts. Nothing in the world can give you that amount of happiness which you get by meeting your old friends. And for one to recognize it, and assemble them for a party, it would mean a whole lot of world to the receiver.


3. Musical Surprise!


What if you happen to come across someone who sings a song especially for you! Yes, you can do that! You can book a singer for an hour who can surprise your loved one with their favorite songs. Nothing can be better than the dedication of your favorite songs. It’s not that difficult to do this, all you need to do is go to live101.in and book a surprise for your special someone and floor them with their favorite songs. It is something that will remain in their memory for years to come.



For more information, visit https://live101.in/



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